Badusha, one of my favorite sweet. It is also called as Balusha or Badushahi or Balushahi. Me and my nephew used to go and buy it from Mangalore  stores which was really near to my sister’s house. The badusha from Mangalore  stores have an edible amount of ghee (I prefer that because i don’t like sweets with excess amount of ghee). From that time, it became my favorite. After that I was really curious about this sweet and googled to know more. I got to know that it has a historical background. It is estimated that this dessert is from the Middle East and become popular at Maughals time. In Mughal era, it was served as a dessert in the Royal Dine in Mughal Empire. Now also Badusha is one of the desserts in Northern and Southern cuisine, Nepal cuisine and Pakistani cuisine. It is made up of Maida dough ghee and a pinch of baking soda, which are fried in butter then dipped in sugar syrup. When in Bangalore, I realized that people there values sweets very much especially Badusha. In every sweet shop or bakery, we can find this delicious sweet, Badusha.


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