Thatte Idli


When I was in Karnataka, I had my first thatte idli. As I am a malayalee it was my first experience “Eating thatte idli”. Thatte idili (Plate Idli) is quiet popular breakfast among kannadigas in Karnataka. The places Tumkuru and Bidadi in karnataka are famous for delicious Thatte Idli. I remember the  morning when me, my sister and her family went to bidadi just to have thatte idli with vada and chutneys(coconut chutney and kara chutney) . There are lot of thatte idli hotels and restaurants in Bidadi and Tumkuru. Thatte idli is a soft, fluffy and yummy breakfast or you can say tiffin. It’s  white in colour,  flat  and round in shape. It is made up of  cooked or beaten rice batter with sufficient water. The creaminess of the chutney and spiciness of the sambar compliments the tender thatte idli. So I recommend you guys to have thatte idli atleast once in a lifetime.


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  1. Sumith says:

    Brilliant post!


    1. Thank You Sumith

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